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About Jodie – Offering Circuit Training in Norwich

Hello! I’m Jodie and welcome to JB Fitness Norwich. My fitness journey really began after having my second child in 2011, I joined the gym with great intention but with no real experience or knowledge I always felt unsure of what to do when I got there, I felt lost, insecure and intimidated. I thought about having a personal trainer but the costs were way out of my budget, so I decided to invest in gaining the knowledge for myself, along with some qualifications, I got my level 2 in gym instruction & then went on to get my level 3 in personal training.

Exercise has had such a massive impact on me, not only physically but mentally as well, I suffer with PTSD, anxiety & panic attacks, exercise helps me in so many ways, my mind is constantly on replay, constantly going over & over things, exercise frees me from my mind, calms me and helps me switch off & turn negative thoughts, feelings & emotions into positive ones, it is such a powerful tool!


After gaining the knowledge and experience and being aware of the positive influence exercise can have on you, I decided I wanted to help others experience the power of exercise, so I went on to get various qualifications in group training (bootcamps, circuit training & Hiitstep, so I could offer classes to help people be and feel apart of a something.

A group of people, together, learning new skills, gaining knowledge, strength and confidence. Whilst engaging with others, having fun, a laugh & making new friends. But at the same time also getting fit and taking self care.

I chose to teach HIITSTEP as I absolutely love the speed & intensity of it and I also chose to teach Circuits, as this has always been one of my all time favourite ways to exercise as it combines both weights and cardio. It allows me to use my knowledge and experience to teach others how to lift, lower and use weights correctly and most importantly to offer a P.T session to you without the P.T price tag! I get to incorporate and teach different types of training methods and use my creativity by designing new and exciting circuit programs each week, it also gives me the flexibility to adjust it to suit everyone’s level of fitness, whether you’re starting out on your fitness journey or well experienced.

One of the most important things to me about my class is that you feel welcome and included, no matter what your level of fitness is, we all work together, we all support & encourage each other, we are a team always.

I really enjoy Jodie’s classes, each week there is a different circuit making every workout fresh and interesting, but always challenging. There is a good mix of strength and cardio training. The atmosphere is friendly and fun. I go every week!


Consistent JB Fitness Class Member.

I have been a lifelong exercise fanatic but I’ve never been one for group exercise. Then I met Jodie, classes are inclusive and welcoming, a real family feel to it.

Her routines are stimulating and comprehensive and I still don’t think she has ever repeated a circuit in the 4 years I have been attending. She is constantly challenging you but she is also brilliant at adapting and meeting your needs so these are classes that are truly for everyone.


Attending JB Fitness for 4 years.

I love going to JB Circuits, it’s friendly, inclusive and above all fun.

Jodie really knows her stuff, and in all the years I’ve been going I don’t think I’ve done the same workout twice! She pushes you to work hard and achieve your best, but always in a positive atmosphere. I’d recommend her sessions to anyone.


Consistent JB Fitness Class Member.

What is Full Body Circuit Training Norwich?

My full body circuit training Norwich workout targets every muscle in your body with dynamic compound exercises as well as muscle-specific moves. You will perform various exercises one after the other for a short period (20-60 seconds), with a short rest in between each exercise (5-10 seconds), completing the circuit for 3-4 rounds.

The workout is made up of numerous different exercises focusing on strength, cardio & core, providing you with a very powerful, efficient & effective workout in a short space of time.

Only £5! Per session, Message or visit the contact page to send a booking equiry. 

What is HIIT Step Training?

HIITSTEP was born in 2017, its has rapidly developed into an international fitness phenonemon delivering classes across the globe.

HIITSTEP is the combination of High Intensity Interval Training and the good old Step. The HIITSTEP music has been specially engineered by the some of the UK’s best DJ’s to keep you motivated throughout the workout. 

Don’t be lazy, it’s time to go crazy….It’s HIITSTEP time!

Wednesdays at the Norman Centre £6 per session!

And Thursdays at the Silver Road Community Centre only £5 per session! Message or visit the contact page to send a booking equiry.